Dr. Scanlon was a senior vice-president at Berlex Biosciences, a division of Schering AG in Berlin, Germany from 1996-2000. He was responsible for developing their international cancer program, which involved developing medical products for diagnostics, small molecules and gene therapy projects. Dr. Scanlon has extensive management skills for creating, planning, organizing and implementing complex scientific programs with internal and external collaborations by identifying and validating clinical candidates for development with the FDA and marketing strategies. Dr. Scanlon has been using his academic and business experience to mentor creative scientific ideas with good business practices to generate novel medical products. The entrepreneurs from academia are supported by his investment groups with a strong management team and venture capital to make the successful transition from concept into a productive enterprise. He has been CEO of four startup companies and Myriad Genetics acquired Melanoma Diagnostics in 2010.


For the past 15 years, Dr. Scanlon has been involved with the angel investment community on both the west coast and east coast. He has been Chairman of the Pasadena Angels with ~100 investors that funded over 50 companies for $9.0 MM in two years and an executive member of the Tech Coast Angels in Los Angeles. He has also been an investment advisor to Sky Ventures in Boston for the past five years. He has reviewed a significant number of technology companies for funding over the past 15 years (~10 companies/month). He has also mentored early stage companies for universities and early stage ventures from both the east coast as well as the west coast.



Dr. Scanlon received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology studying the regulation of messenger RNA at the University of London, London, England. His Post-Doctoral training in Cancer Molecular Pharmacology at Yale School of Medicine New Haven, CT. He won both a Leukemia Society of America Fellowship and a Leukemia Scholar Award. Dr. Scanlon career has been in the fields of cancer drug resistance and cancer gene therapy.

Medical Research

His research involved training of thirty national and international Post-Doctoral Fellows. He was the Co-Founder and Co-Editor of the journal Cancer Gene Therapy (1994-2014) and was the President of the International Society of Cancer Gene Therapy. His laboratory research involved developing viral vectors (retro and adeno viruses) for delivery of anti-cancer ribozymes for treating human tumors. Prior work had established the utility of anti-oncogene ribozymes to reverse the malignant phenotype of human melanoma and human bladder carcinoma in vivo. This research was presented at the 400th Anniversary of Uppsala University, Sweden (1995) where ten invited international speakers discussed their newest medical advances. The initial research of this program involved elucidating the biochemical mechanism for synergistic combination cancer chemotherapy in patients (cisplatin/5-flurouracil), which lead to the optimization of DNA damaging agents with nucleoside analogues (AZT and Gemcitabine). This work was awarded the Paul Martini International Medical Research Prize in Bonn, Germany. He has published over 135 peer-reviewed papers in the field of cancer and has seven issued patents on his research. He has been a reviewer and committee chairman for the National Institute of Health, including reviewing grants on the SBIR study section, R01 investigator grants and Cancer Center Program Projects.

Selected (135) Cancer Science Papers:


Comments Patent ID Date
“Detection of Human Tumor Progression and Drug Resistance” # 5,085,983 July, 1991
“Use of Certain Nucleotide Analogs to Attenuate Cancer Cell Resistance to DNA Damaging Chemotherapy” # 5,166,140 November, 1992
“A New Method for Regulating Drug and Radiation Resistance Gene” # 5,508,558 March, 1996
“Circumvention of Human Tumor Drug Resistance” # 5,585,363 December, 1996
“PCR Amplification of m-RNA” # 5,618,702 March, 1999
“Ribozyme Cleavage of 5a-Reductase MRNA” # 5,880,277 March, 1999
“Modulation of Drug and Radiation Resistant Genes” # 5,989,908 November, 1999

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